Over 3 Years and MORE Volunteers!

Alec, Luke, Justin, Joe, Nick, Julian, and Cole finish out the year (their third year) by making and distributing over 600 burritos on the last Sunday of 2013.


The Lawrence family from South Carolina has been following the Burrito Boyz through the news and internet so they made it a priority to volunteer with the Burrito Boyz, while visiting family in Point Loma over the holidays. It was a pleasure to have you join us, Hal, Liz, Bella, and Savannah. Thank you for your service!


Savannah Lawrence and her father Hal pass out burritos.

20140104151521_savannah and hal

Thanks to the Jim Cunningham family for joining us on Sunday.  The Cunninghams generously donated and distrubuted over 75 pairs of socks.


Matthew and Troop 1821

Matthew, a member of our San Diego community, thanks the Burrito Boyz for Sunday burritos and all the support the Burrito Boyz have given him. Along with the support and clothing he has received, he has found employment and is becoming more able to provide for himself. Thanks, Matthew, for sharing with us.


The Burrito Boyz were thrilled to have Girl Scout Troop 1821 from Solana Vista Elementary School in Solana Beach join us in serving the homeless community in San Diego. The troop members along with brothers, sisters, and parents started at 6:30 am making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Their goal was to make 200 sandwiches, but they totally surpassed that goal and went on to make 300 sandwiches to distribute downtown. You did a terrific job of passing out sandwiches and helping with all the other jobs we do on Sunday morning. You brought a great energy and spirit to our group and we so enjoyed having you with us. You are welcome back anytime.

20131228214905_MAKINGSANDS 20131228215329_SOLANAVISTATROOP

Catholic Sisters Spread Joy

Led by Regent Diana Garra,  Catholic Sisters from Court Santa Sofia #2520 in Spring Valley are seen here passing out toiletry bags to the homeless. Thanks to Melissa, Jesi, Diana, Claire, Vince, Melinda, and Carol for joining the Burrito Boyz in helping to make a difference in the lives of the homeless in San Diego.


The Catholic Sisters joined us on Sunday to pass out toiletry bags. They also had candy and snacks for the kids!!!


Isabelle and Emily,  two of our Girl Scout Burrito Babes, are seen here passing out blankets to the homeless in San Diego. Isabelle’s father, who works at Paradise Resort and Spa in Mission Bay, donated the blankets. Isabelle, Emily, Maria, Molly, Madi, and Faye rolled and tied 137 blankets and got them ready for distribution on Sunday, just in time for the cold weather. Thanks girls!!!