Many Thanks to Mike May

Many, many thanks to Mike May, owner of Long Island Mike’s Pizza, who continues to be one of the Burrito Boyz biggest supporters. Every Sunday morning his kitchen is filled with Burrito Boyz volunteers, who scramble eggs and man the pizza ovens. His dining area is turned into an assembly line, where you can find up to twenty-plus volunteers, stuffing and rolling some 600 hundred burritos and bagging fifty pounds of dog food. It is a busy and happening spot early in the morning hours. What the Burrito Boyz accomplish could not be done without Mike’s generous support.
Mike also hosts the annual volunteer party when his employees help everyone make individual pizzas. Again, Mike opens his kitchen and offers all the ingredients to create over-the-top pizzas. If you are ever in the Tierrasanta area, stop by Long Island Mike’s Pizza, enjoy a slice, and congratulate Mike on being a wonderful humanitarian.