BurritoBoyz Awards for 2013

Congratulations to Linda Brubaker, who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Volunteer of the Year award. As we more than doubled the amount of burritos we served in 2013 , we more than quadrupled the amount of Volunteers.  Linda has the unenviable task of organizing all the volunteers, assigning tasks and keeping things moving once we get downtown to serve.  In addition, she takes all our photos, updates our blog and most importantly is our calming and loving influence during the chaos Sunday mornings! Congratulations, Linda, you are the Volunteer of the Year!
Congratulations to Dan Bromley, who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Most Valuable Volunteer award.  2013 was Dans’ breakout year with the Burrito Boyz.  Not only has he managed the kitchen and gotten all the supplies to exactly where they were needed, he has been a presence downtown that our homeless friends love to see and our volunteers always appreciates.  He keeps our youth safe, makes sure all of our disabled are attended too and usually “finds” that 1 last burrito for a late coming and desperately hungry friend!  Dan is more than a Most Valuable Volunteer, he is a model for all the Burrito Boyz and Babes! Congrats Dan!
Congratulations to Lisa Bromley, who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Most Inspirational Volunteer award. Lisa quietly shows up every Sunday about 15 minutes before all the volunteers.  This, after a 1 hour and 15 minute drive just to be here!  With her charming smile, her contagious good mood, she settles in to get everything ready for the Boyz and Babes.  During a year when she watched her son Dan get married and suddenyl lost her mother to an accident, Lisa was always ready to help those less fortunate.  Barb, you raised a beautiful daughter and we are all appreciative of this inspirational woman! Congratulations, Lisa!
Congratulations to Cora McClelland, who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Most Valuable Burrito Babe award. After joining the Burrito Boyz and Burrito Babes as an individual volunteer, Cora quickly became one of us! Her outgoing and loving personality shined her first time downtown and has never let up.  Although only “scheduled” to volunteer once a month, we usually see her at least 3 times as often.  After sharing of her experience working with us, Cora enrolled her mother into supplying the dog and cat food that we bring to our homeless pets every weekend!  Congratulations, Cora!
Congratulations to Branson Vong, who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Most Valuable Burrito Boy award. As an 11 year old young man, Branson is already a silent leader among all the Boyz.  He is willing to do any task from scrambling eggs, assembling burritos, portioning the dog food to taking out garbage.  He never complains unless he is standing next to me waiting for me to give him more to do.  Our goal with the Burrito Boyz and Babes was to get kids to TAKE ACTION and Branson is one who takes that to heart.  Once downtown with our homeless community, you would think Branson might get lost among all these big bodies, but that is hardly the case, just look for the young kid running to get something for one of our friends, it’s usulally Branson! Congratualtions, Branson!
Congratulations to Isabelle Del Rios who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Most Inspirational Burrito Babe award. Although one of our youngest Burrito Babes, Isabelle is caring and loving beyond her years.  Behind the funny and loud “worker” is a big hearted and thoughtful young lady.  Isabelle has taken on getting blankets for our homeless friends as well as gathering socks, but what best exemplifies her heart is that instead of asking for gifts for herself this year for Christmas, she asked for the money to be donated to helping our homeless friends. Congratulations, Isabelle!
Congratulations to Jacob Sigismonti, who was awarded the 2013 Burrito Boyz Most Inspirational Burrito Boy award. Although Jacob is one of our newer Burrito Boyz from Del Cerro, his attitude from day 1 was admirable. His inspiration comes from the way he is, not necessarily from what he says. Although I can sum up the way he is with something he once said to me..”Mr. J. What else can I do?”  Imagine if every young man and woman asked THAT question!!!!  Congratulations, Jacob!