Adios Tanner! Hello Georgie!

Our group of volunteers at Burrito Boyz is very special. Gathering to serve, inspire, and make a difference in someone else’s life tends to bring together people who are happy and caring individuals. With that in mind, it is always difficult to say good-bye to one of our members. Tanner has been a regular volunteer for the last year and a half. He has shared his kindness, gentleness, and quick smile. It is through his positive spirit that many have learned to give with respect. We wish Tanner and his family the best, as they move to their new home in Colorado. We will miss you, Tanner, but do hope you will come join us again when you are back for a visit.
Georgie pictured  here with Tanner, has come the furthest to volunteer with us. She is from Austalia and came to us via Thailand, where she was staying with her parents who teach at international schools in Bangkok. She had heard about the Burrito Boyz and was most looking forward to meeting everyone in person. Her Sunday morning with us was a highlight of her stay in San Diego. Thank you, Georgie, for joining us!