About Us

In November 2010, Michael and Mehrnaz Johnson started Hunger 2 Help, Inc. dba Burrito Boyz with their son Alec and his best friend Luke. Not only were they hoping to teach their son and his friends not to take things for granted, they wanted to DO something to help others. After their first Sunday downtown serving 54 hot breakfast burritos and bottles of water, the group knew they had started something special. After 4 full years without missing a Sunday, the Burrito Boyz and a cast of volunteers from San Diego and visitors from around the world have served over 75,000 meals! In addition to serving the street homeless population in San Diego, Michael and Mehrnaz are committed to sharing their story with others so that youth everywhere will be inspired to take action in their communities!

Our Mission is to help nourish the spirit of the street homeless of San Diego County by providing dignity, hot food, and comfort. San Diego County has seen the population of homeless increase to over 10,000 people as tallied in January 2013. Over 5,000 of these homeless live on the streets 365 days and nights a year! Regardless of the reasons, Hunger 2 Help, Inc dba Burrito Boyz was created to honor our brothers and sisters during their struggles and provide them with a hot meal and water served with dignity and respect.

Our youth volunteers now consist of the Burrito Boyz, the Burrito Babes, the Teen Volunteers in Action (TVIA), the Female Athlete Volunteers (FAV), a strong core of youth volunteers, as well as a host of other youth groups that stop in through the year.