Anna Helps Out Again

Thank you to Anna Nunez and friends, who joined us on Sunday. Last year Anna, her karate instructor, and karate class friends organized snacks and sandwich bags and passed them out to the homeless downtown.  Now a tradition, they gathered with the Burrito Boyz again this year to pass out lunch bags. Your compassion and willingness to take action to help people makes a huge difference. Thanks for joining us!


Blue Passes

The Burrito Boyz mourn the loss of Blue, who passed away on November 6th. Blue, a regular at our second stop downtown, looked forward to browsing through the new collection of books and the New York Times crossword puzzle Mac would bring him every week. He greeted us every Sunday and enjoyed talking with the volunteers. RIP, Blue.


Long Island Mike’s Pizza

On Sunday Dec. 11, we joined our new partner Long Island Mike’s Pizza and began cooking in their kitchen. We look forward to preparing the breakfast burritos in our new HOME every Sunday! Thanks Long Island Mike’s Pizza!!!

Long Island Mike’s Pizza can be found at It is truly delicious pizza!