Leaders and the Navy on 4th July

Here’s to highlighting three of our great adult leaders, Michael and Mehrnaz Johansons, and Jim “Mac” McElroy. This photo was snapped as they were sharing with our Navy volunteers a little history of the Burrito Boyz. Their generosity and dedication to service is remarkable. Mac offers our group humor and inspiration. His deeply felt compassion and great generosity inspire us all.


What better way to celebrate the 4th of July weekend than having the Navy join us in scrambling eggs and rolling burritos? Through an open invitation from our regular volunteer, Marci, a civilian working with the Navy for thirty years, eighteen active Navy personnel and family members joined us. What a pleasure it was to have them with us and through their effort we rolled over six hundred burritos. Thank you NAVY!


Happy Birthday Mehrnaz and 40,000th Burrito

Happy birthday to Mehrnaz Johnson, a founder of the Burrito Boyz. She celebrated her birthday downtown with the homeless community singing happy birthday. Here she is with a special birthday card from some very special children.

20130907124435_mernhaz birthday

Bill, pictured with his wife Wendy, received the 40,000th Burrito Boyz burrito. Next goal…50,000!!!


You are Late!

On Sunday, May 22, while Michael & Mehrnaz were celebrating their anniversary, Tony and Rob drove the boys to distribute the breakfast burriots and water. Usually the drivers hear comments like “the burritos are still hot” or “this is the highlight of our week”, but when the delivery showed up a little before 9:00am, they were greeted with, “Hey, you’re late!”. This was said and a very funny and loving manner, but I share the story because the homeless community has really grown to appreciate and enjoy this special commitment by Alec, Luke, Nick, Cole and Joe!