60,000 and Going Strong!

Burrito Babes, Maria and Emily, present Dorthea with the 60,000th burrito!


We met Taylor when she rode her bike downtown in the rain a couple months ago to join her aunt and uncle, who were visiting volunteers from Seattle. Wet and soggy she brought a bright smile and enthusiasm to our downtown community. Taylor works at Snooze which held an event last week. When Taylor discovered that there were pans of French toast left over, she immediately thought of the Burrito Boyz, and delivered the French toast on Sunday. Our volunteers wrapped and heated it before we headed downtown. It also so happened that bacon and sausages were donated, as well. Thanks to Taylor for thinking of the Burrito Boyz and to she and her boyfriend, Jesse, who distrubuted the breakfast surprise.


Many in the homeless community are pet owners, who bring their dogs every Sunday. Way back in the early days of the Burrito Boyz, the boys noticed a man sharing his burrito with his dog. Not thinking that was right and knowing how hungry that man must have been, the boyz decided to add dog food to the list of things distributed every Sunday. In the past couple of years we have given out hundreds and hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food. One of our core volunteers, Nancy, has organized our pet food distribution and has encouraged her own adult children to donate money so she can buy dog biscuits and treats for the downtown dogs. The Burrito Boyz would like to thank Quinn at www.pawssandiego.org for donating pet food each week. Last week he even provided red bandanas for the dogs. Mercedes is proudly wearing her bandana. Thanks, Quinn, and thank you, Nancy, for doing a great job organizing the student volunteers, who bag and distribute the pet food on Sunday.


Catholic Sisters Spread Joy

Led by Regent Diana Garra,  Catholic Sisters from Court Santa Sofia #2520 in Spring Valley are seen here passing out toiletry bags to the homeless. Thanks to Melissa, Jesi, Diana, Claire, Vince, Melinda, and Carol for joining the Burrito Boyz in helping to make a difference in the lives of the homeless in San Diego.


The Catholic Sisters joined us on Sunday to pass out toiletry bags. They also had candy and snacks for the kids!!!


Isabelle and Emily,  two of our Girl Scout Burrito Babes, are seen here passing out blankets to the homeless in San Diego. Isabelle’s father, who works at Paradise Resort and Spa in Mission Bay, donated the blankets. Isabelle, Emily, Maria, Molly, Madi, and Faye rolled and tied 137 blankets and got them ready for distribution on Sunday, just in time for the cold weather. Thanks girls!!!


Girls Think Tank

Thanks to August, Grace, Emily, and Michelle from The Girls Think Tank for joining us last week. The Girls Think Tank is an organization that works to inspire, empower, and organize our community to advance basic human dignity through activism and advocacy. If you would like to learn more about this group and the work they do, go to www.girlsthinktank.org.


Thank you to Emily, from The Girls Think Tank and Kathy, a Burrito Boyz supporter, for helping in passing out burritos last Sunday. Great volunteers!!!