Teen Volunteers In Action

Burrito Boyz welcomed Julie and Deanna from Teen Volunteers In Action-TVIA  http://tvia.org/ this past Sunday. Both pictured here passing out burritos, shared about their group of one hundred young men in grades 7th through 12th. who are actively involved in hands-on service within their north county community. TVIA’s goals and philosophy reflect that of the Burrito Boyz. Thank you for joining us, Julie and Deanna. We look forward to seeing you again and welcoming more volunteers from TVIA.


Welcome back to Cora, who manages to fit us into her busy schedule of school and swim team. This photo shares how much our Kidz Korner kids enjoy the books we have availabe and is a reminder that we are always in need of children books. If you are cleaning off bookshelves and come across children’s books, all levels, please don’t forget about us and the joy they would bring to our Kidz Korner.


What a pleasure to have three generations represented at Burrito Boyz and how special for Cole, one or our orginal Burrito Boyz, to pass out burritos with his grandfather. Grandfather Richard was visiting from Texas and joined his daughter Lynn, Cole’s mom, in filling burritos and greeting the downtown community. It was a pleasure to meet you, Richard.


Aurora and McKayla collect Blankets

Our own Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, have been regular weekly volunteers for the last two years plus. They are the fastest egg crackers to ever set foot in our kitchen, expert burrito rollers, and have won the hearts of the children who visit the Kidz Korner at both of our stops downtown.

You may notice in this picture that they are also identical twins. Service minded as they are, Aurora and McKayla took it upon themselves to organize a blanket drive at their school, Cajon Park Junior High in Santee. With a goal in mind, they created a plan and presented it to their student body. The result was a collection of over a hundred blankets which they distributed to our downtown homeless community. Thank you to both of you for all your hard work and your continued effort. Also, thank you to Mrs. Stacy Roberts, the girls’ teacher who joined us on Sunday, when Aurora and McKayla presented their project to our group. You are a great example of KIDS TAKING ACTION. Congratulations, girls and thank you!

20140716140623_Twins blanket drive

60,000 and Going Strong!

Burrito Babes, Maria and Emily, present Dorthea with the 60,000th burrito!


We met Taylor when she rode her bike downtown in the rain a couple months ago to join her aunt and uncle, who were visiting volunteers from Seattle. Wet and soggy she brought a bright smile and enthusiasm to our downtown community. Taylor works at Snooze which held an event last week. When Taylor discovered that there were pans of French toast left over, she immediately thought of the Burrito Boyz, and delivered the French toast on Sunday. Our volunteers wrapped and heated it before we headed downtown. It also so happened that bacon and sausages were donated, as well. Thanks to Taylor for thinking of the Burrito Boyz and to she and her boyfriend, Jesse, who distrubuted the breakfast surprise.


Many in the homeless community are pet owners, who bring their dogs every Sunday. Way back in the early days of the Burrito Boyz, the boys noticed a man sharing his burrito with his dog. Not thinking that was right and knowing how hungry that man must have been, the boyz decided to add dog food to the list of things distributed every Sunday. In the past couple of years we have given out hundreds and hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food. One of our core volunteers, Nancy, has organized our pet food distribution and has encouraged her own adult children to donate money so she can buy dog biscuits and treats for the downtown dogs. The Burrito Boyz would like to thank Quinn at www.pawssandiego.org for donating pet food each week. Last week he even provided red bandanas for the dogs. Mercedes is proudly wearing her bandana. Thanks, Quinn, and thank you, Nancy, for doing a great job organizing the student volunteers, who bag and distribute the pet food on Sunday.


Many Thanks to Mike May

Many, many thanks to Mike May, owner of Long Island Mike’s Pizza http://longislandmikespizza.com, who continues to be one of the Burrito Boyz biggest supporters. Every Sunday morning his kitchen is filled with Burrito Boyz volunteers, who scramble eggs and man the pizza ovens. His dining area is turned into an assembly line, where you can find up to twenty-plus volunteers, stuffing and rolling some 600 hundred burritos and bagging fifty pounds of dog food. It is a busy and happening spot early in the morning hours. What the Burrito Boyz accomplish could not be done without Mike’s generous support.


Mike also hosts the annual volunteer party when his employees help everyone make individual pizzas. Again, Mike opens his kitchen and offers all the ingredients to create over-the-top pizzas. If you are ever in the Tierrasanta area, stop by Long Island Mike’s Pizza, enjoy a slice, and congratulate Mike on being a wonderful humanitarian.

Over 3 Years and MORE Volunteers!

Alec, Luke, Justin, Joe, Nick, Julian, and Cole finish out the year (their third year) by making and distributing over 600 burritos on the last Sunday of 2013.


The Lawrence family from South Carolina has been following the Burrito Boyz through the news and internet so they made it a priority to volunteer with the Burrito Boyz, while visiting family in Point Loma over the holidays. It was a pleasure to have you join us, Hal, Liz, Bella, and Savannah. Thank you for your service!


Savannah Lawrence and her father Hal pass out burritos.

20140104151521_savannah and hal

Thanks to the Jim Cunningham family for joining us on Sunday.  The Cunninghams generously donated and distrubuted over 75 pairs of socks.


Matthew and Troop 1821

Matthew, a member of our San Diego community, thanks the Burrito Boyz for Sunday burritos and all the support the Burrito Boyz have given him. Along with the support and clothing he has received, he has found employment and is becoming more able to provide for himself. Thanks, Matthew, for sharing with us.


The Burrito Boyz were thrilled to have Girl Scout Troop 1821 from Solana Vista Elementary School in Solana Beach join us in serving the homeless community in San Diego. The troop members along with brothers, sisters, and parents started at 6:30 am making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Their goal was to make 200 sandwiches, but they totally surpassed that goal and went on to make 300 sandwiches to distribute downtown. You did a terrific job of passing out sandwiches and helping with all the other jobs we do on Sunday morning. You brought a great energy and spirit to our group and we so enjoyed having you with us. You are welcome back anytime.

20131228214905_MAKINGSANDS 20131228215329_SOLANAVISTATROOP

Catholic Sisters Spread Joy

Led by Regent Diana Garra,  Catholic Sisters from Court Santa Sofia #2520 in Spring Valley are seen here passing out toiletry bags to the homeless. Thanks to Melissa, Jesi, Diana, Claire, Vince, Melinda, and Carol for joining the Burrito Boyz in helping to make a difference in the lives of the homeless in San Diego.


The Catholic Sisters joined us on Sunday to pass out toiletry bags. They also had candy and snacks for the kids!!!


Isabelle and Emily,  two of our Girl Scout Burrito Babes, are seen here passing out blankets to the homeless in San Diego. Isabelle’s father, who works at Paradise Resort and Spa in Mission Bay, donated the blankets. Isabelle, Emily, Maria, Molly, Madi, and Faye rolled and tied 137 blankets and got them ready for distribution on Sunday, just in time for the cold weather. Thanks girls!!!


Anna Helps Out Again

Thank you to Anna Nunez and friends, who joined us on Sunday. Last year Anna, her karate instructor, and karate class friends organized snacks and sandwich bags and passed them out to the homeless downtown.  Now a tradition, they gathered with the Burrito Boyz again this year to pass out lunch bags. Your compassion and willingness to take action to help people makes a huge difference. Thanks for joining us!


Val’s Amazing Donation

Val Garza is a bartendress at McGregor’s Grill and Ale house. Every month she dedicates her Monday tips to a different charity. September is Hunger2Help/BurritoBoyz’ month. A great group of H2H volunteers and friends gathered this past Monday to fill Val’s tip jar and to start off the football season. A million thanks to Val for her generosity and support. We love you!


Val can be found at McGregor’s, 10475 San Diego Mission Rd (between I-15 & Rancho Mission Road), San Diego.


A Busy Day

The Burrito Boyz depend on volunteers to help make Sunday morning activities run smoothly and efficently. We thank Vee Prausouvo, who brought his entire family, as well as his sister and niece, visiting from Minnesota. Everyone joined in to help, even Vee’s youngest daughters, Anna and Karly. Thank you to the Prasouvo family.


If you haven’t had a chance, pick up a San Diego Reader, June 11th edition, to see the Burrito Boyz featured on the cover. The article written by Jack Torrance begins on page 22.


Our famous twins and Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, are pictured here handing out some of the 250 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer, that were donated this past Sunday.


Meet ten year old Camille, our newest volunteer, pictured her with her mom, Allison. Camille and Allsion first joined us a week ago. They have been working on their own to provide donations to the homeless downtown, but they decided to join the Burrito Boyz and Babes, after seeing the Yahoo story and video http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/the-upbeat/1-dad-inspired-teenage-kids-33-000-burritos-151030526.html. They made an early morning drive from far away Temecula to join us  7:00 a.m. at Long Island Mike’s. After helping to make burritos and hand them out downtown, Camiile asked if she could come again the following Sunday. Sure enough, this Sunday Camille ran into the pizza parlor again, with a big smile and great spirit, ready to help out. Because of her fun enthusiasm and great spirit, Camille was recognized as one of the most valuable volunteers. Thanks for joining our team!


A big thank you to Chris from Purell, his wife MaryKay, and friend Mike, who joined us on Sunday. Not only did they help make burritos and distribute them downtown, but Chris made a donation of 250 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer that was well received and greatly appreciated by the downtown homeless community.  Thank you again from everyone at the Burrito Boyz!