Air Force and Army in the House

Not to be outdone by the Navy, pictured here are active military from the Air Force and Army, many of whom have come back and joined us again and again to help in serving the downtown homeless community. Just this past week we had representives from the Marine Corp, Navy, Army, and Air Force. These wonderful volunteers have brought a richness to our core of volunteers and have inspired us with their dedication to service. Thank you!


Aleesa is ready to stack the next burrito as Austin rolls and wraps. Six year old Aleesa was a dynamic force as she moved from job to job, taking her role as a volunteer very seriously. Once downtown she helped pass out bagels and burritos. Thank you, Aleesa for joining us at Burrito Boyz!


Solana Beach Represents

What a wonderful group of volunteers from Solana Beach. Inspired by the videos they had seen about the Burrito Boyz, this group of young volunteers, along with their parents joined us this week. They brought enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of spirit. Thank you, Chloe, Emma, Austin, Anna, Carson, and Luke. Thanks to your parents, too!