Kidz Korner and FOCUS

The Burrito Boyz organization would like to thank Friends of Children United Society, FOCUS, for their donation to our Kidz Korner project. Their generous donation allows us to offer fresh snacks, hygene products, sunscreen, interactive games, and a child centered “Korner” for a brief moment each Sunday morning. Thank you, Rosemary Penny, for bringing us to the attention of FOCUS. Kids Korner is a bright, happy spot on the sidewalks of San Diego every Sunday morning. Created by Terry and her girls McKayla and Aurora, our downtown homeless children have a place to enjoy a book, play a game, color, and even paint. Faces and hands are washed, sunscreen applied, and snacks and juice are offered. Aurora, McKayla, Shelby and Sara are regulars volunteers found in Kidz Korner. Many wonderful bonds have been made between these volunteers and children. Whether reading a book or listening to a child read his/herself, helps to provide a moment of normalcy for these children who live anything but a normal life. We have regular visitors each Sunday and may at times have up to thirty children joining us at the Kidz Korner. Thank you FOCUS for helping us to serve the homeles children in San Diego.


Aurora and McKayla collect Blankets

Our own Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, have been regular weekly volunteers for the last two years plus. They are the fastest egg crackers to ever set foot in our kitchen, expert burrito rollers, and have won the hearts of the children who visit the Kidz Korner at both of our stops downtown.

You may notice in this picture that they are also identical twins. Service minded as they are, Aurora and McKayla took it upon themselves to organize a blanket drive at their school, Cajon Park Junior High in Santee. With a goal in mind, they created a plan and presented it to their student body. The result was a collection of over a hundred blankets which they distributed to our downtown homeless community. Thank you to both of you for all your hard work and your continued effort. Also, thank you to Mrs. Stacy Roberts, the girls’ teacher who joined us on Sunday, when Aurora and McKayla presented their project to our group. You are a great example of KIDS TAKING ACTION. Congratulations, girls and thank you!

20140716140623_Twins blanket drive

Kids Taking Action

Kids Taking Action is an important mission of the Burrito Boyz organization and one we take very seriously. Each week our team of student volunteers demonstrates the willingness to take action and the desire to make a difference in the life of someone else. Our young volunteers are very dedicated and quite passionate in what they do. They are an amazing group of kids! Hunter, one of our volunteers, recently suggested that for his birthday he would like to have friends and family donate something he could bring to the Burrito Boyz. So last Sunday he came bearing gifts – money, personal hygiene products, food, and his birthday story. Thank you, Hunter, for being the amazing person you are! You are truly a kid taking action!!!


Thanks to Einstein Bagels for their generous donation of bagels each Sunday. Having bagels to distribute every week enhances what we are able to offer to the downtown homeless community. Thanks, Einstein!!!


Our Kidz Korner continues to be a very popular spot at our first stop downtown. Thanks to our volunteers Terry, McKayla, Aurora, and Shelby who make this a happy place for the children we serve. Thank you to all who have donated games, books, and art supplies to our Kidz Korner. We truly appreciate your generosity and want you to know how much the children enjoy your gifts each Sunday. Thanks to Rosie who sent a batch of cupcakes last weekend!!! Our boxes of children’s books are less full these days and our source of donated books is no more. If you have children’s books you would like to donate, please contact us at


JR Helps Out

The Burrito Boyz welcome JR who is seen here with Evan, passing out Burritos. JR has joined us for the last two weeks and has been very inspirational to all the Burrito Boyz volunteers. JR grew up in a military family and lived in 5 different countries during his childhood.  He recently came from New York and is working to rebuild his career in San Diego.  He is attending classes at SD City College and volunteers his time with homeless programs. We are so fortunate he has chosen to work with us. Thanks, JR!


McKayla and Aurora are wonderful with children. Here they each have someone to read to.


Week two of Kidz Korner found Terry with attentive listeners to a story. They didn’t get to the end of the book so they are looking forward to continuing the story next week.

20140215222701_terry reading

New Kidz Korner Opens

The Kidz Korner is now open at the Burrito Boyz first stop downtown. We have always had juice, snacks, and books for the children we see each Sunday, but we have now set up a comfy place in the parking lot where kids can grab a juice box, a stuffed toy, and sit down to listen to a story.  Terry, who has volunteered for the past two years, and her daughters McKayla and Aurora have taken on this project, doing a wonderful job catering to the needs of the youngest members of the community we serve. It is heartwarming to watch these kids, who are quite content to listen to stories being read to them or happy to read to us. In two weeks the Kidz Korner has become a very popular addition to what we do downtown. Thank you, Terry, McKayla and Aurora!


A Busy Day

The Burrito Boyz depend on volunteers to help make Sunday morning activities run smoothly and efficently. We thank Vee Prausouvo, who brought his entire family, as well as his sister and niece, visiting from Minnesota. Everyone joined in to help, even Vee’s youngest daughters, Anna and Karly. Thank you to the Prasouvo family.


If you haven’t had a chance, pick up a San Diego Reader, June 11th edition, to see the Burrito Boyz featured on the cover. The article written by Jack Torrance begins on page 22.


Our famous twins and Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, are pictured here handing out some of the 250 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer, that were donated this past Sunday.


Meet ten year old Camille, our newest volunteer, pictured her with her mom, Allison. Camille and Allsion first joined us a week ago. They have been working on their own to provide donations to the homeless downtown, but they decided to join the Burrito Boyz and Babes, after seeing the Yahoo story and video They made an early morning drive from far away Temecula to join us  7:00 a.m. at Long Island Mike’s. After helping to make burritos and hand them out downtown, Camiile asked if she could come again the following Sunday. Sure enough, this Sunday Camille ran into the pizza parlor again, with a big smile and great spirit, ready to help out. Because of her fun enthusiasm and great spirit, Camille was recognized as one of the most valuable volunteers. Thanks for joining our team!


A big thank you to Chris from Purell, his wife MaryKay, and friend Mike, who joined us on Sunday. Not only did they help make burritos and distribute them downtown, but Chris made a donation of 250 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer that was well received and greatly appreciated by the downtown homeless community.  Thank you again from everyone at the Burrito Boyz!