Anna Helps Out Again

Thank you to Anna Nunez and friends, who joined us on Sunday. Last year Anna, her karate instructor, and karate class friends organized snacks and sandwich bags and passed them out to the homeless downtown.  Now a tradition, they gathered with the Burrito Boyz again this year to pass out lunch bags. Your compassion and willingness to take action to help people makes a huge difference. Thanks for joining us!


Solana Beach Represents

What a wonderful group of volunteers from Solana Beach. Inspired by the videos they had seen about the Burrito Boyz, this group of young volunteers, along with their parents joined us this week. They brought enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of spirit. Thank you, Chloe, Emma, Austin, Anna, Carson, and Luke. Thanks to your parents, too!


A Busy Day

The Burrito Boyz depend on volunteers to help make Sunday morning activities run smoothly and efficently. We thank Vee Prausouvo, who brought his entire family, as well as his sister and niece, visiting from Minnesota. Everyone joined in to help, even Vee’s youngest daughters, Anna and Karly. Thank you to the Prasouvo family.


If you haven’t had a chance, pick up a San Diego Reader, June 11th edition, to see the Burrito Boyz featured on the cover. The article written by Jack Torrance begins on page 22.


Our famous twins and Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, are pictured here handing out some of the 250 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer, that were donated this past Sunday.


Meet ten year old Camille, our newest volunteer, pictured her with her mom, Allison. Camille and Allsion first joined us a week ago. They have been working on their own to provide donations to the homeless downtown, but they decided to join the Burrito Boyz and Babes, after seeing the Yahoo story and video They made an early morning drive from far away Temecula to join us  7:00 a.m. at Long Island Mike’s. After helping to make burritos and hand them out downtown, Camiile asked if she could come again the following Sunday. Sure enough, this Sunday Camille ran into the pizza parlor again, with a big smile and great spirit, ready to help out. Because of her fun enthusiasm and great spirit, Camille was recognized as one of the most valuable volunteers. Thanks for joining our team!


A big thank you to Chris from Purell, his wife MaryKay, and friend Mike, who joined us on Sunday. Not only did they help make burritos and distribute them downtown, but Chris made a donation of 250 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer that was well received and greatly appreciated by the downtown homeless community.  Thank you again from everyone at the Burrito Boyz!