70,000 and Counting!

Our 70K burrito was passed out to Daniel Scott on our 198th consecutive Sunday of serving the homeless community in downtown San Diego.

20140826093803_70Kwith boyz

This photo here gives you an idea of how busy Long Island Mike’s becomes on any given Sunday. With two tables working assembly lines to stack, fill, and roll burritos, as well as people working in the kitchen to crack and cook over 1500 hundred eggs, it is amazing to think that we are able to prepare close to 700 burritos in an hour’s time. Not to mention, that fifty pounds of dog food is bagged and fresh snacks are prepared for Kidz Korner. It is a crazy, busy sort of energy that happens every Sunday morning at Burrito Boyz.


Dignity, Respect and Compassion

Burrito Boyz offers dignity, respect, and compassion to our downtown community. Taking the time to make a connection with someone is as important if not more than just  giving out a burrito. Striking up a conversation, listening to someone’s story, inquiring about someone’s health or living conditions, finding a connection and/or common bond is what we are all about.


Burrito Boyz say good-bye to one of our downtown community members, as she leaves San Diego to join her family in Indiana. We wish you the best of luck in your new home.


Kids Taking Action!!! Thank you, Bianca and Teresa for making a difference. Thank you for spending a Sunday morning with the Burrito Boyz!


Again, we would like to thank Einstein Bagles for their generous weekly donation.


Air Force and Army in the House

Not to be outdone by the Navy, pictured here are active military from the Air Force and Army, many of whom have come back and joined us again and again to help in serving the downtown homeless community. Just this past week we had representives from the Marine Corp, Navy, Army, and Air Force. These wonderful volunteers have brought a richness to our core of volunteers and have inspired us with their dedication to service. Thank you!


Aleesa is ready to stack the next burrito as Austin rolls and wraps. Six year old Aleesa was a dynamic force as she moved from job to job, taking her role as a volunteer very seriously. Once downtown she helped pass out bagels and burritos. Thank you, Aleesa for joining us at Burrito Boyz!


Teen Volunteers In Action

Burrito Boyz welcomed Julie and Deanna from Teen Volunteers In Action-TVIA  http://tvia.org/ this past Sunday. Both pictured here passing out burritos, shared about their group of one hundred young men in grades 7th through 12th. who are actively involved in hands-on service within their north county community. TVIA’s goals and philosophy reflect that of the Burrito Boyz. Thank you for joining us, Julie and Deanna. We look forward to seeing you again and welcoming more volunteers from TVIA.


Welcome back to Cora, who manages to fit us into her busy schedule of school and swim team. This photo shares how much our Kidz Korner kids enjoy the books we have availabe and is a reminder that we are always in need of children books. If you are cleaning off bookshelves and come across children’s books, all levels, please don’t forget about us and the joy they would bring to our Kidz Korner.


What a pleasure to have three generations represented at Burrito Boyz and how special for Cole, one or our orginal Burrito Boyz, to pass out burritos with his grandfather. Grandfather Richard was visiting from Texas and joined his daughter Lynn, Cole’s mom, in filling burritos and greeting the downtown community. It was a pleasure to meet you, Richard.


Adios Tanner! Hello Georgie!

Our group of volunteers at Burrito Boyz is very special. Gathering to serve, inspire, and make a difference in someone else’s life tends to bring together people who are happy and caring individuals. With that in mind, it is always difficult to say good-bye to one of our members. Tanner has been a regular volunteer for the last year and a half. He has shared his kindness, gentleness, and quick smile. It is through his positive spirit that many have learned to give with respect. We wish Tanner and his family the best, as they move to their new home in Colorado. We will miss you, Tanner, but do hope you will come join us again when you are back for a visit.


Georgie pictured  here with Tanner, has come the furthest to volunteer with us. She is from Austalia and came to us via Thailand, where she was staying with her parents who teach at international schools in Bangkok. She had heard about the Burrito Boyz and was most looking forward to meeting everyone in person. Her Sunday morning with us was a highlight of her stay in San Diego. Thank you, Georgie, for joining us!


Aurora and McKayla collect Blankets

Our own Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, have been regular weekly volunteers for the last two years plus. They are the fastest egg crackers to ever set foot in our kitchen, expert burrito rollers, and have won the hearts of the children who visit the Kidz Korner at both of our stops downtown.

You may notice in this picture that they are also identical twins. Service minded as they are, Aurora and McKayla took it upon themselves to organize a blanket drive at their school, Cajon Park Junior High in Santee. With a goal in mind, they created a plan and presented it to their student body. The result was a collection of over a hundred blankets which they distributed to our downtown homeless community. Thank you to both of you for all your hard work and your continued effort. Also, thank you to Mrs. Stacy Roberts, the girls’ teacher who joined us on Sunday, when Aurora and McKayla presented their project to our group. You are a great example of KIDS TAKING ACTION. Congratulations, girls and thank you!

20140716140623_Twins blanket drive

Hot Sauce! Get Your Hot Sauce!

Where else on the streets of San Diego can you get a better burrito with hot sauce? The people we serve each Sunday are most thankful for their hot burrito and often comment on how tasty they are. Every dollar donated goes to the ingredients that make up our burritos. They are filled with at least two scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and lots of cheese. They are rolled with love and handed out with compassion and dignity.

Thanks to Mike May, who donates his pizza parlor, Long Island Mike’s Pizza www.longislandmikespizza.com,where we scramble and roll burritos each Sunday, we are able to offer hot burritos. Once the burritos are rolled, they are placed in the pizza oven. When our burritos are unwrapped downtown they are piping hot and delicious. After a volunteer suggested our burritos would be even better with hot sauce, hot sauce was added to the distrubution line. We go through about three to four bottles each Sunday. In this photo regular volunteers, Darren and Nate, compete to see who pours the most hot sauce.


Developing Young and Old

One of the focuses in BB is developing leadership skills in our young volunteers and giving them opportunities to take the reigns and lead. Here Cole, one of our original Burrito Boyz, leads the wrap-up discussion, with the youth volunteers after our second stop. This is a time with kids can share their experiences, share who they have met, and reflect on their impressions of the morning. These are warm heartfelt talks filled with smiles and inspiration.


Lee Gormley, our oldest volunteer to date at age 93, returned this spring for a second visit to volunteer for the Burrito Boyz. She was joined by her daughter who traveled from Connecticut and her grandsome visiting from San Francisco.


60,000 and Going Strong!

Burrito Babes, Maria and Emily, present Dorthea with the 60,000th burrito!


We met Taylor when she rode her bike downtown in the rain a couple months ago to join her aunt and uncle, who were visiting volunteers from Seattle. Wet and soggy she brought a bright smile and enthusiasm to our downtown community. Taylor works at Snooze which held an event last week. When Taylor discovered that there were pans of French toast left over, she immediately thought of the Burrito Boyz, and delivered the French toast on Sunday. Our volunteers wrapped and heated it before we headed downtown. It also so happened that bacon and sausages were donated, as well. Thanks to Taylor for thinking of the Burrito Boyz and to she and her boyfriend, Jesse, who distrubuted the breakfast surprise.


Many in the homeless community are pet owners, who bring their dogs every Sunday. Way back in the early days of the Burrito Boyz, the boys noticed a man sharing his burrito with his dog. Not thinking that was right and knowing how hungry that man must have been, the boyz decided to add dog food to the list of things distributed every Sunday. In the past couple of years we have given out hundreds and hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food. One of our core volunteers, Nancy, has organized our pet food distribution and has encouraged her own adult children to donate money so she can buy dog biscuits and treats for the downtown dogs. The Burrito Boyz would like to thank Quinn at www.pawssandiego.org for donating pet food each week. Last week he even provided red bandanas for the dogs. Mercedes is proudly wearing her bandana. Thanks, Quinn, and thank you, Nancy, for doing a great job organizing the student volunteers, who bag and distribute the pet food on Sunday.


Kids Taking Action

Kids Taking Action is an important mission of the Burrito Boyz organization and one we take very seriously. Each week our team of student volunteers demonstrates the willingness to take action and the desire to make a difference in the life of someone else. Our young volunteers are very dedicated and quite passionate in what they do. They are an amazing group of kids! Hunter, one of our volunteers, recently suggested that for his birthday he would like to have friends and family donate something he could bring to the Burrito Boyz. So last Sunday he came bearing gifts – money, personal hygiene products, food, and his birthday story. Thank you, Hunter, for being the amazing person you are! You are truly a kid taking action!!!


Thanks to Einstein Bagels for their generous donation of bagels each Sunday. Having bagels to distribute every week enhances what we are able to offer to the downtown homeless community. Thanks, Einstein!!!


Our Kidz Korner continues to be a very popular spot at our first stop downtown. Thanks to our volunteers Terry, McKayla, Aurora, and Shelby who make this a happy place for the children we serve. Thank you to all who have donated games, books, and art supplies to our Kidz Korner. We truly appreciate your generosity and want you to know how much the children enjoy your gifts each Sunday. Thanks to Rosie who sent a batch of cupcakes last weekend!!! Our boxes of children’s books are less full these days and our source of donated books is no more. If you have children’s books you would like to donate, please contact us at michael@burritoboyz.org.