Long Island Mike’s Pizza

On Sunday Dec. 11, we joined our new partner Long Island Mike’s Pizza and began cooking in their kitchen. We look forward to preparing the breakfast burritos in our new HOME every Sunday! Thanks Long Island Mike’s Pizza!!!

Long Island Mike’s Pizza can be found at http://longislandmikespizza.com/. It is truly delicious pizza!


Another Great Donation from Culinary Concepts!

On Sunday, Sept. 4 our friends at Culinary Concepts again donated all the items to help us in our efforts to feed the homless. Following a busy August which saw many of our boys and their families go on vacation, we never missed a Sunday! Our homeless friends kept us energized with their constant expressions of appreciation. They still love the fact that we are serving HOT food and also appreciate that we have gone to a larger 12″ tortilla in place of the 10″ we started with!

You can find Culinary Concepts at http://www.cateringspecialist.com/.


Prayers for our Kids

On Sunday, July 10, Alec and Cole were the only 2 boys who were able to assist due to soccer tournament conflict with the other members of Hunger 2 Help. While the boys were delivering hot breakfast burritos and water to our street homeless, one of our friends came to me and asked me to join him in a prayer. He wanted to pray for my son and the other boys, for their happiness and their future. I am amazed that even while people are in such a bad place and time in their lives, they still think and pray for others! Thank you Robert!

David Travels

David, in the picture below, has not been out of a 1 mile downtown radius for the past 3 years. With the boys Beach Soccer Tournament in Coronado, he was invited to attend and cheer them on. David had such a great time Saturday that he asked to come back on Sunday! The picture below is from Sunday! David had a great time and the boys and the parents were so grateful for his positive contributions!


You are Late!

On Sunday, May 22, while Michael & Mehrnaz were celebrating their anniversary, Tony and Rob drove the boys to distribute the breakfast burriots and water. Usually the drivers hear comments like “the burritos are still hot” or “this is the highlight of our week”, but when the delivery showed up a little before 9:00am, they were greeted with, “Hey, you’re late!”. This was said and a very funny and loving manner, but I share the story because the homeless community has really grown to appreciate and enjoy this special commitment by Alec, Luke, Nick, Cole and Joe!


On Sunday, May 8, one of our friends living on the streets did not wake up. Marvin was known for looking after other “newly homeless’ and teaching them survival skills. He will be missed by the community. Here is a picture of his chair from his memorial on May 14. Rest in Peace Marvin!


The Gift of a Book

On Sunday, April 17 while the boys were delivering breakfast, I had a conversation with one of our homeless friends about what he was reading. I let him know it was my favorite author and wanted to hear how he liked the book. The following Sunday, this special man had the book out for me and gave it to me to keep. I have received many expensive gifts in my life, but none were more vauable than that book! Thank You E.D.