Kidz Korner and FOCUS

The Burrito Boyz organization would like to thank Friends of Children United Society, FOCUS, for their donation to our Kidz Korner project. Their generous donation allows us to offer fresh snacks, hygene products, sunscreen, interactive games, and a child centered “Korner” for a brief moment each Sunday morning. Thank you, Rosemary Penny, for bringing us to the attention of FOCUS. Kids Korner is a bright, happy spot on the sidewalks of San Diego every Sunday morning. Created by Terry and her girls McKayla and Aurora, our downtown homeless children have a place to enjoy a book, play a game, color, and even paint. Faces and hands are washed, sunscreen applied, and snacks and juice are offered. Aurora, McKayla, Shelby and Sara are regulars volunteers found in Kidz Korner. Many wonderful bonds have been made between these volunteers and children. Whether reading a book or listening to a child read his/herself, helps to provide a moment of normalcy for these children who live anything but a normal life. We have regular visitors each Sunday and may at times have up to thirty children joining us at the Kidz Korner. Thank you FOCUS for helping us to serve the homeles children in San Diego.


Adios Tanner! Hello Georgie!

Our group of volunteers at Burrito Boyz is very special. Gathering to serve, inspire, and make a difference in someone else’s life tends to bring together people who are happy and caring individuals. With that in mind, it is always difficult to say good-bye to one of our members. Tanner has been a regular volunteer for the last year and a half. He has shared his kindness, gentleness, and quick smile. It is through his positive spirit that many have learned to give with respect. We wish Tanner and his family the best, as they move to their new home in Colorado. We will miss you, Tanner, but do hope you will come join us again when you are back for a visit.


Georgie pictured  here with Tanner, has come the furthest to volunteer with us. She is from Austalia and came to us via Thailand, where she was staying with her parents who teach at international schools in Bangkok. She had heard about the Burrito Boyz and was most looking forward to meeting everyone in person. Her Sunday morning with us was a highlight of her stay in San Diego. Thank you, Georgie, for joining us!


Aurora and McKayla collect Blankets

Our own Burrito Babes, Aurora and McKayla, have been regular weekly volunteers for the last two years plus. They are the fastest egg crackers to ever set foot in our kitchen, expert burrito rollers, and have won the hearts of the children who visit the Kidz Korner at both of our stops downtown.

You may notice in this picture that they are also identical twins. Service minded as they are, Aurora and McKayla took it upon themselves to organize a blanket drive at their school, Cajon Park Junior High in Santee. With a goal in mind, they created a plan and presented it to their student body. The result was a collection of over a hundred blankets which they distributed to our downtown homeless community. Thank you to both of you for all your hard work and your continued effort. Also, thank you to Mrs. Stacy Roberts, the girls’ teacher who joined us on Sunday, when Aurora and McKayla presented their project to our group. You are a great example of KIDS TAKING ACTION. Congratulations, girls and thank you!

20140716140623_Twins blanket drive