You are Late!

On Sunday, May 22, while Michael & Mehrnaz were celebrating their anniversary, Tony and Rob drove the boys to distribute the breakfast burriots and water. Usually the drivers hear comments like “the burritos are still hot” or “this is the highlight of our week”, but when the delivery showed up a little before 9:00am, they were greeted with, “Hey, you’re late!”. This was said and a very funny and loving manner, but I share the story because the homeless community has really grown to appreciate and enjoy this special commitment by Alec, Luke, Nick, Cole and Joe!


On Sunday, May 8, one of our friends living on the streets did not wake up. Marvin was known for looking after other “newly homeless’ and teaching them survival skills. He will be missed by the community. Here is a picture of his chair from his memorial on May 14. Rest in Peace Marvin!